Open Invite –  October 10th, 2019

Dear Jack (Nicholson),

You are cordially invited to attend –  

the 1st Annual Stanley Lake Lodge Winter Solstice Barbecue, Brandy & Beer Festival.

Where: Stanley Lake Lodge, Aniktuvik Pass, the Yukon.

When: d’uh, like I said, the winter solstice – Sat., Dec. 21st , 2019

                   – all day, just come as soon as you can get here.

WHY.???   “just ‘cause”.!!!

BYOBBB.!!! or not.!!! I’ll have you covered.

Who Else is coming.???   His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama,

                                           (he and I went to different schools together)


                                                       my “Wilson”

                                                                   & Tom Hanks

Quite the crowd.!!!

Very ‘stylin’.

If the weather is accommodating, we’ll have it on the lake. A tent will be set up. But we’ll be out in the open basking in all its glory. So dress appropriately.

Totally ZEN.

Otherwise, we’ll have it inside at “my place”.

The Cowboys play the Eagles the next day, Sunday @ 4:25. It’ll be week 16, so there may be a lot on the line. Could be a good game.

I don’t know if H.H. (His Holiness) is into American football. But maybe we can get him to watch one game with us.

R.S.V.P. as soon as possible. I have to know just how much Brandy and beer and BBQ to have on hand. Beef? or Pork? or Tofu for H.H. (ha)

And hell, if the “gods” are kind, and the solar flares are active, we might just see some really cool “Northern Lights”. I can’t believe H.H. wouldn’t really dig on that. Talk about ‘spiritual’.

Same invite is going out to H.H., and Tom. Me and ‘Wilson’ are, of course, already here. We’ll hold down the fort if ya can’t make it.

But, c’mon man. It won’t be the same without ya. Or any of the others for that matter.


Ian & ‘Wilson’.

P.S. Imagine just how cool this will be .!!!


Stanley Lake
Stanley Lake
Stanley Lake

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