Moon Shadows

I had dinner at a friends the other night.
Saturday nite.
The moon was almost full – Sunday nite was the nite.

Friday nite it snowed just enough to cover the mountains.
The first full snow of the season.

It was clear driving home around 10:30.
The 99% full moon shone bright on all the peaks.
Stanley Lake Lodge lies on its namesake, Stanley Pass.
Treeline is about half way up the mountains.
A fairly wide open valley.

Plenty of snow. Plenty of reflections.
It wasn’t quite like, “almost daylight”, but damn close.
Close enough to cast shadows on the snow – MOON SHADOWS.

Cat Stevens had a hit song with that title (he who changed his name to, Yusef Islam).

Bottom line, … it was pretty damn cool.

Published by Ian

professional writer, neo-Impressionist photo artist, Elliott Wave analyst & trader, existentialist

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