Wilson’s Party

The Story of ‘Wilson’

A close up of a rock

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I found him on the beach. Just like Tom Hanks did in “Castaway”.

I recognized him straight off.

He was cold and wet.

I had to pull him from the water.

Was he water-logged!

(“He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother ”, courtesy of the Hollies, 1970)

So, I took ‘im home and let him dry out.

It took a while.

But ‘e made it.

And now look at ‘im.

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And that’s b4 he got his hair.

He unveils his new look at the party tonight.

The 1st Annual Stanley Lake Lodge Winter Solstice Brandy Beer and BBQ Festival.

Wilson is so stoked to meet Jack and His Holiness.

The rest of “the crew” is just gonna be the icing on the cake.

Tom Hanks. Ben Stiller. Sean Penn. Jeff Bridges.

I myself, can’t imagine what it will be like to “quaff a few suds” w/ the likes of that company.

Talk about “surreal”!!!

Here he is with his bandages.

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NOW, let the party begin !!!

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A person that is standing in the dark

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A blurry photo of a fire

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A close up of a fire

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The party was a great success,

after I got the fire goin’.

Man, it was tough. It was so cold the fire DID NOT want to start.

But, I persevered. Nothin’ replaces gasoline.

So, once the fire heated up the place, we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

BBQ. Brandy. Beer. A roaring fire. A chair for everyone.

I even found a little “mini-me” camp chair for Wilson

It was all there.

Like I said, the party was a great success.

EXCEPT for one thing –


And Wilson was absolutely CRUSHED.!!!

He had nobody to show off his new hair to.

And of course it got a little boring with just him and me.

(altho, I did wander off in my mind to the Flattops of earlier years and trips. that made the whole experience of the party well worth the while.)

{Now, U and I both know the whole “thing” was rhetorical. It was just a “make-believe” fun thing to ZEN the Solstice. [ I like that – ZEN the Solstice]}

BUT !!! Wilson didn’t get the memo.

And he took it real hard.

I mean hard.!!!

I think I might just have to have another party to cheer him up.

And guess what, New Years is next week.

Party on.!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

And all the other salutations for all the world’s people.

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professional writer, neo-Impressionist photo artist, Elliott Wave analyst & trader, existentialist

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