“We’re back.!!!!”

“Sorry we were gone so long.

It was the Holidays ya know.

There’s only ZEN this time of year.”

And we went to visit Wilson’s cousin twice removed.


You know. The Muse of Eloquence and Epic Poetry. So named because of the beautiful harmony of her voice. She’s the oldest of her 8 sisters.

I needed to recharge my batteries. I needed to rest. Then, I needed a healthy dose of inspiration.

And nothing inspires one like listening to the mesmerizing voice of Calliope. “Damn.”

So I got what I came for.

“What a tribe. They’re all are a bunch of characters. And her daddy, whoa!”

We did have a good time though. Zeus does know how to throw a party.

It took Wilson’s mind off nobody showing up for the 1st Annual Winter Solstice Brandy, BBQ and Beer Festival. It’s just what the doctor ordered. I think Wilson got what he came for. And doesn’t even know it.

I took lots of photos.

Zeus absolutely loves having his picture taken. What a ham!!!

It’s good to be back home though.

Always is, isn’t it.??!!!

Published by Ian

professional writer, neo-Impressionist photo artist, Elliott Wave analyst & trader, existentialist

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