Wilson’s Got a Girlfriend

Valentines Day was an absolute winner for Wilson – he had a date.

Her name was Ashley.

And I had NO IDEA. Did you?

He won’t tell me where or how he met her. That only adds to the mystery.

He did tell me they went to Luigi’s for dinner. Then they went to Cunningham Park by the Kenai River and wrapped up in a blanket together. And watched the river go by.

(People, the river is frozen! It’s my guess they just cuddled and stared into space. Just to share time. I’ll be ‘go to hell’, but I think our boy’s in love. She must be too. I mean, take a look at their pic. )

I mean, did you ever in all your life see anything so cute?

It’s just what the doctor ordered after nobody showed up to our 1st Annual Stanley Lake Winter Solstice Beer Brandy and BBQ Festival. Wilson took that really hard. Now it’s as if that never even happened.

Good for you, Wilson!!!

P.S. He told me later in confidence, it was her eyebrows that smote him. Go figure. Nice shot Cupid!

P.P.S. Now we gotta find out all the details. Ya with me?

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