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the Red Rabbit House


I think I’ve figured it out.                                                                                                        But I’m scared to try it.                                                                                                       What if it doesn’t work?

I Googled up the symbol on the paper on the door.

I think it’s “phi”. The 21st letter in the Greek alphabet.

It’s commonly known as the symbol for the Fibonacci number series.                Or, the Golden Ratio.

BUT, WHY.???

Well, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to bore U w/ a little story behind it.

You see, back in the early 1300s there was a man in Pisa, Italy – you know, the “Leaning Tower” of. He was the son of “Mr. Bonacci”. And in Italian, “son of” translates to, “fi – Bonacci” – “Fibonacci”.

So, what does this all have to do w/ the price of eggs in Moscow?                     Stay with me, it’s comin’.

Back in “Mr. Fibonacci”s day they had a mathematical problem. And let me tell you, where they came up with this idea or problem, God only knows. I mean who sits around and dreams up this stuff.

But, here’s how it went …

In month One, you start w/ 1 pair of rabbits, that’s right, one pair of rabbits.   And they take one month to mature.                                                                                        

Every month thereafter, they have/breed one pair of rabbits.                            Now, this new pair of rabbits takes one month to mature just like the original pair. And just like the original pair they have one pair of rabbits every month.            

And of course, each of these new pairs of rabbits take one month to mature and thereafter have a new pair of rabbits.

So, we got rabbits.

The question of the day was, “At the end of one year, 12 months, how many pairs of rabbits would there be?”

You could plot this all out. And it would take a pretty big piece of paper. And you could count them all up and arrive at an answer.


“Mr. Fibonacci” – Leonardo was his first name – found a mathematical answer to the problem. And it bears his name – the Fibonacci Number Series. And it goes like this,

1   1   2   3   5   8   13   21   34   55   89   144   233   337   610  … ” to Infinity, and beyond!”(quotes Woody)

So, month 1, 1 pair.                                                                                                           Month 2, still just one pair, they’re maturing.                                                                But, month 3, you have the original pair, and they breed a pair, 2 pairs total.

Month 4, the original pair, they breed another second pair, and you have the pair bred last month, total – 3 pairs.

Month 5, okay, okay, you do the math, a total of 5 pairs of rabbits.

*** I told ya, who in their right mind would’ve thought up this cockamamie idea?

So, count out 12 months’ worth of numbers, the 12th number in the series,        and you get 144.

Now take a wild guess as to what the real answer is, “how many pairs of rabbits would there be after 12 months?”

THAT’S RIGHT – 144 pairs of rabbits.!!!

([{oh, by the way, can you figure out how each number is derived?}])

([{ and don’t just Google it up, c’mon man}])

Now, back to MY original problem, remember that?                                             What do all these rabbits and Mr. Fibonacci have to do with,                                    

my package,                                                                                                                              

my “3-lock box”,                                                                                                                     

AND the Greek symbol on the paper on the door.

Well, here’s my “theory” . . . (can you guess it yet?)

That’s right, the combination to the “3-lock box” is – 144.!!!


but, what if I’m “all wet”?

What if the box doesn’t open?

Well then, “kosher be damned”, we get out the dynamite.!!!

I swear,                                                                                                                                    there better be something inside this damn box that’s worth all this trouble.



(they good to eat?)

I’m gonna try to open the box.

Don’t go anywhere.!!!


p.s. I’m really missing Wilson.!!!

p.p.s. I still wanna know how “they” got into my house.!!! WHO/WHAT got into my house.!!!

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