the Daily Tangent – Feb 1st 2021 – 2 SOBs

takin’ a walk w/ my Son On the Beach, w/ the Sun on the Beach It was a good day for some ZEN w/ the Sun/Son. I just couldn’t tell which one was the bigger SOB. BSOTIan #IanAndrews #efemeril9 #copywriter9 #dowjones #s+p500 #Nasdaq #Russell2000 #ElliottWave #ElliottWaveTheory #MoosePassAlaska #CooperLandingAlaska #marketingdirectors #copywritermarketer #RAStriggers #reticularactivatingsystem #resourcefulness #digitalmarketing #summitlakelodgetrioContinue reading “the Daily Tangent – Feb 1st 2021 – 2 SOBs”

the Daily-Tangent – Jan 17 2021

I felt it . I was lying in bed, still asleep.dreamin’ ,but, I felt it in my soul .In my essence . A light broke thru the deep, dark of late, late morning . . .it was primordial . I sighed in my sleep . A humongous deep sigh.If I wasn’t already asleep, this sighContinue reading “the Daily-Tangent – Jan 17 2021”

the Daily Tangent – Dec 24th 2020 Dual Citizenship

Wilson and I and Stumpy decided we were gonna apply for dual citizenship –Bora Bora and Alaska !!! Everyone have a safe and merry holidays !!! BSOT (be safe out there)WilsonStumpy & the original Summit Lake Lodge Trio –Jack (Nicholson)His Holiness (the 14th Dalai Lama)& me. p.s. ” love ya’ll “