SARAH – by Fleetwood Mac on New Years Day Eve for My Daughter

I was doing some chart work on the markets and what came on the radio but, SARAH, by Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac – how appropriate and timely. Gave me pause to feel her in this world – from her BFBD. A beautiful reminder of a beautiful little girl I once knew. I dedicate thisContinue reading “SARAH – by Fleetwood Mac on New Years Day Eve for My Daughter”

Happy Birthday Sarah

Sunday, Mar. 27th, tomorrow, I wish you a most Happy Birthday. from your BFBD. Always.!!! All my Love BSOT (be safe out there) Ian p.s. Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Nicks sing this. Never ceases to give me chills and make me cry. I LOVE you ©IA-77 #IanAndrews #efemeril9 #copywriter9 #dowjones #s+p500 #Nasdaq #Russell2000 #ElliottWaveContinue reading “Happy Birthday Sarah”

Hey Joe, Merry Christmas

Here’s somethin’ that’s intended to put a little smile on your face for Christmas. My humble present to you all. I hope it succeeds. ************************************************************************** Preface The following flash fiction is a tribute to a song.It was written by Billy Roberts in 1965.It was made famous by Jimi Hendrix in ’66.But,in my humble opinion,Otis Taylor’sContinue reading “Hey Joe, Merry Christmas”