the Daily Tangent – Dec 24th 2020 Dual Citizenship

Wilson and I and Stumpy decided we were gonna apply for dual citizenship –Bora Bora and Alaska !!! Everyone have a safe and merry holidays !!! BSOT (be safe out there)WilsonStumpy & the original Summit Lake Lodge Trio –Jack (Nicholson)His Holiness (the 14th Dalai Lama)& me. p.s. ” love ya’ll “

the Daily Tangent – Dec 9th 2020

I had to call upon divine Calliope to get started w/ this post.I needed inspiration. She is, afterall, the Muse of epic poetry.(a guy can dream, can’t he?) I mean, here I am,on a beautiful, white, sandy beach, surrounded bya tranquil deep-sigh, blue ocean. My best buddy, Wilson, is beside me. And our new friend,Continue reading “the Daily Tangent – Dec 9th 2020”