Hey Joe, Merry Christmas

Here’s somethin’ that’s intended to put a little smile on your face for Christmas. My humble present to you all. I hope it succeeds. ************************************************************************** Preface The following flash fiction is a tribute to a song.It was written by Billy Roberts in 1965.It was made famous by Jimi Hendrix in ’66.But,in my humble opinion,Otis Taylor’sContinue reading “Hey Joe, Merry Christmas”

Ode to Joy – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – the Daily Tangent – aug 23rd 2021

the title says it all, so I thought, let’s raise our spirits bring down the wall.!!! + put a SMILE on ur face. and just BSOT (be safe out there) Ian © #IanAndrews #efemeril9 #copywriter9 #dowjones #s+p500 #Nasdaq #Russell2000 #ElliottWave #ElliottWaveTheory #MoosePassAlaska #CooperLandingAlaska #marketingdirectors #copywritermarketer #RAStriggers #reticularactivatingsystem #resourcefulness #digitalmarketing #summitlakelodgetrio #Wilson #wintersolstice #theDalaiLama #JackNicholson #TomHanksContinue reading “Ode to Joy – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – the Daily Tangent – aug 23rd 2021”

the Daily Tangent Feb 20 2021 – LOVE

what is LOVE? O’Henry put’s it best – “The Gift of the Magi” A young, extraordinarily poor couple at Christmas time have no money to buy each other a present. The only wordly possession the man has, is a gold watch his father gave him. The only thing the lady has of value is herContinue reading “the Daily Tangent Feb 20 2021 – LOVE”