Earth Sculptures

Today I wanted to post someone else’s art. Actually, a link to a website of his work. His name is Andy Goldsworthy.

He does his “sculpturing” in Scotland. The Earth is his “medium”.

I was surfing the web and came across Andy’s work, and was stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t tell if the pictures were real or CG, or just what. They are that unique and astounding.

Without further ado, here’s the link, and I hope you enjoy the beauty:

I will say g’bye w/ one of my own. It’s like Georges Seurat and his “Pointillism”. Not sure if I like it or not. PLZ, give me some feedback – “do you like it, or not?”

In case you weren’t thrilled w/ that one, here’s another.

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professional writer, neo-Impressionist photo artist, Elliott Wave analyst & trader, existentialist

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