the Cabin and the Moon

1st Annual Stanley Lake Winter Solstice Barbecue, Brandy and Beer Festival


I haven’t heard from Jack yet. But, I think I missed an RSVP from His Holiness. The area code was “Tibet”. I haven’t been able to get back to him though.

I found some sparklers for this shindig. And my friend MK bought some of those yellow-green, 6-inch “lite tubes”. The kind you bend and break and they glow real nice.

There’s plenty of firewood. And chairs.

But, I’m starting to get a little worried about the weather. It’s been about 15-20 degrees warmer than usual. So there’s no ice on the lake yet. And there isn’t any snow either. Except on the mountain tops.

I’m not real worried. It’s only Nov. 8th. And I don’t mind the “no snow”. I am at a summit, and will get plenty of snow and cold. Soon enuf. I’m actually really enjoying the milder weather.

Winter will come in its own sweet time.

I’m just anxious.

Can you imagine having a brandy and a beer with Jack Nicholson and His Holiness. (Even though I don’t think the Dalai Lama will be partaking). It’s just the “company”.


Add Tom Hanks and “Wilson”.

Sean Penn. And “the DUDE”, Jeff Bridges.

Ben Stiller.

A “gathering of the ages”.

the cabin and the moon
the moon – no cabin
THE MOON – in Reverse

Be safe out there.!!!

Ian + “Wilson”

my “Wilson”

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